We believe that God has called us to push, challenge, and encourage each other in matters of life and faith. Life groups are how we try to live that out. 

Life Groups are also how we try to make a big place seem smaller. While Sunday services are a great place to worship and sit under biblical teaching, they are not great place to build relationships, which we believe are essential to spiritual growth. We believe Life Groups to be the perfect complement to Sunday services because they create a space where new people can get connected relationally and where people can start to build friendships that can last a life time.

Each group is composed of people who are all unique and different, therefore each Life Group is both unique and different. However there a few things common to the groups: a commitment to studying God’s Word, being a safe place to ask difficult questions and challenging each other in matters of faith. We also have groups that are “open,” meaning new people can join at any time. 

We have groups that meet in a variety of times and places, both weeknights and weekends, and even some that offer child care. If you would like to take the next step in your personal growth by joining a Life Group or if you have any questions about Life Groups please contact Kevin: kevin@westernreservegc.com.


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