Western Reserve holds to 6 Core Values:

We will value its authority and our need to pattern our lives after it.
2 Timothy 3:16 / 2 Peter 1:21
– We believe God Speaks
– We believe the Bible is Truth
– We believe God wrote the Bible
– We believe The Bible is Complete

We will value the spiritually disconnected and justice for the oppressed.
Luke 19:10 / Psalm 140:12
– We will pursue what breaks God’s heart
– We will ask the question: “what is a soul worth?”
– We will be a church where it’s ok not to be ok

Pursuing truth together is the best opportunity for living out and applying truth.
Acts 2:42-47 and 4:32-35
– We believe we are “me too” people
– We believe in real (not fake) life together
– We believe God defines love
–  We believe community exists to display who God is and what He has done

We recognize that Jesus empowers common people to accomplish uncommon things.
Romans 12: 4-8
– We are a part of His church
– We are committed to this church
– We want to be vehicles to build God’s church
– We want to be ordinary people watching God doing extraordinary things through us.

We will leverage our influences on coming generations… helping them see life from God’s point of view.
Deuteronomy 6
– We will Love God
– We will see ourselves as part of a bigger story
– We will Love Others

We cannot change people.  We embrace our role to create experiences where the spiritually disconnected can experience the grace of Jesus.
Colossians 3:17
– We will lead from the second chair
– We will understand the power of one
– We will be bridge builders
– We will not have competing agendas
– We believe every person and ability matters.


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